Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?

Once you enroll in a course you will have access to the course for two years.

Does this course have a start or end date?

There is no start or end date for this course. Once you are enrolled in one of these courses, you will have access to start it at any time.

You are able to start the courses when you want, work on them when you want, and complete them when you want. Once you complete a course you are able to come back and review any of the content whenever you would like.

Do I have to start with the Basics course?

You do not have to start with the Basics course. You can start with any course you feel is appropriate for your level as a coach.

Even if you are an experienced coach, the Basics, Beginner, or Intermediate Concepts courses will give you the right foundations to coach lower levels of players. You can learn how you want, when you want.

What is the difference between this platform and the eCoachBasketball Subscription?

This platform is focused on setting coaches up with the core requirements to achieve a certain level of proficiency based on the course(s) they are enrolled in in a very structured manner. Each course contains videos that you progress through in a planned sequence while also taking quizzes to make sure you are retaining the course content.

The eCoachBasketball Subscription is a more free-flowing platform (searchable by skill level, drill type, etc.) that allows a coach, player, or parent to learn as they choose. Further, an eCoachBasketball Subscription provides you with access to a library of over 400 videos and growing. The eCoachBasketball Subscription is complementary to these courses and is highly recommended as supplemental content to a Coach Certification.

So why choose to use this platform? At the end of a course, you are granted certification. This certification provides proof that you completed the course. Each course also provides you with a path to success in the proficiency selected.